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How to Avoid 5 Common Mistakes That Put Your Family in Crisis


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Your “Now and Then” Plan is your practical plan that gives you the ability to manage your information, make good decisions, and provide valuable information to your family in the case of an emergency.   It’s the difference between chaos and control in a crisis.     Don’t leave a mess for your family!   

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FREE Webcast –  “Demystifying Estate Planning”
Studies show that about 50% of baby boomers don’t have a will and an estate plan in place, and that number is higher with the younger population.   Why is that?

We recently held a live webinar where we brought estate planning into the spotlight and busted through some of the myths that keep people from getting their wills done.      We  explored software wills, online legal planning and how to get the most “bang for your buck” when working with an attorney.  Plus, we had a lively round of questions from our viewers and our  live guest, Margaret Menicucci,estate attorney and counselor at Braun & Gresham did a great job on the hot seat!



Free tips, exclusive updates, webinars, interviews & more!