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No One Knows Your Machine Better Than You

If someone asked you if you have your affairs in order, what would you say?  Would you sit back and relax in your favorite chair knowing that you have met with your attorney and your instructions are clearly mapped out, signed and notarized? Your life is a well-oiled machine right?    Well-oiled does not mean [...]

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Burials Are Going Green

You hear a lot about fuel, farming, construction and products going green.   Did you know that burials are even going green?    The movement is growing!   What does it mean?    Well, it essentially means burials without any embalming chemicals, non-decomposing caskets or steel vaults.   Decomposition takes place naturally and for a lot less money to boot! [...]

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Let’s Talk About Your Stuff

When working with clients I find myself climbing up on my soap box quite frequently.   On almost any given day, you can hear me talk to clients about their "stuff."      Take a look around your home and/or office.    Someone will have to deal with all your "stuff" if something happens to you.  It includes [...]

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