Providing Practical Planning Everyone Needs,
Regardless of Age!  

We see it all the time. People think they have their affairs in order if they have a will or financial plan, not realizing that these plans simply don’t cover the nitty-gritty details that can really trip up a family if something unexpected happens.

For nearly a decade, we’ve helped people across the country with:
Pratical Planning – documenting essential details and decisions your family will need in order to know what to do and what you want
Executor Assistance – helping families deal with the mess they’ve been left with when someone passes without a plan

My mom was 20 years younger than my stepdad so when she died suddenly, he didn't have a clue what to do - and neither did I!   My step dad always assumed he would pass away first since he was older.   Survivorship Now stepped in and helped us navigate so many things from how to keep the bills paid to accessing life insurance and so much more. -Rebecca S.

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Rebecca S.

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