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Beneficiary Designations – Simple in Concept but Can Easily Go Wrong

Yes, I have a soap box.    Yes I get on it frequently.     Here is one topic that causes me to climb on it once again.    One of the main things I keep telling our clients (and they get tired of hearing it) is to double check your beneficiary designations on your [...]

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Death and Social Media

© This morning I woke up to the news of a drunk driver that plowed through a group of people at SXSW festival here in Austin. When you see stories like this you immediately feel the pain of the people involved and  mourn the tragedy of such a thoughtless act. What also [...]

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Old Estate Documents

How true the old adage "oh how time flies!"   When it comes to how your estate is set up, take note!     With a plethora of cases where estate documents were "yellowing" with time, it becomes apparent that this is one pitfall that needs to be addressed.   When estate documents are years [...]

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Waiting too long – my story

Waiting too long...I guess the blunt word for it is procrastination.  The price of procrastination can be high, but I am not sure if people are aware of how high that price can be.     At the end of March I received one of those life-changing calls.  I received word that my brother was [...]

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Death Tax, Estate Tax and Inheritance Tax

The other day, I was in a conversation with someone who used these terms interchangeably.      About 15 minutes into the conversation, I was confused as to his points on the tax situation he was describing.      So, I thought I had better add this to my list of things to cover so [...]

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Cancer, Chemo, Radiation, Your Insurance and

Many of my clients who have created their Survivorship Plans with me waited until there was some pressing health issue that was spurring them into planning for the inevitable.    Unfortunately, there have been a number of them that have waited until some crisis was around the corner.      Last week, I learned about [...]

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Working Through Grief – An Eastern Approach Using Acupuncture

I have an elderly friend who has lived many years under the heavy blanket of grief.    He lost his wife to cancer many years ago and it seems he just lost his ability to take the next step forward and "live."   His friends have all been in and out of his life trying [...]

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Family Feuds Over Estate – Let’s Sit Down and Talk About It

I have seen the best of families become bitter over the tug and pull of personal things and money that someone has left behind.    During trying times, even the best of the best can react to a situation emotionally, without second thoughts about the impact to other family members.    Usually, planning and communicating up [...]

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"Should I make of list of all items I own and who they go to as part of my will?"

What a great question!     Most every client who has gone through the inventory process seem to eventually come around to this question.  In my opinion, it's a wise thing to leave instructions for items to be distributed to particular family members or friends, especially if you feel strongly about it.      HOWEVER, the caveat to that [...]

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"If I could do one thing to plan for a death, what would it be?"

We have collected a great variety of questions from our visitors.      This one came to us from Delores P.  here in Austin. "I don't have a lot of money or time to spend on planning.   What would be the one thing you would recommend I do for my elderly parents who are in their [...]

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