Beneficiary Designations – Simple in Concept but Can Easily Go Wrong

Yes, I have a soap box.    Yes I get on it frequently.     Here is one topic that causes me to climb on it once again.    One of the main things I keep telling our clients (and they get tired of hearing it) is to double check your beneficiary designations on your [...]

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Death and Social Media

© This morning I woke up to the news of a drunk driver that plowed through a group of people at SXSW festival here in Austin. When you see stories like this you immediately feel the pain of the people involved and  mourn the tragedy of such a thoughtless act. What also [...]

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Waiting too long – my story

Waiting too long...I guess the blunt word for it is procrastination.  The price of procrastination can be high, but I am not sure if people are aware of how high that price can be.     At the end of March I received one of those life-changing calls.  I received word that my brother was [...]

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Family Feuds Over Estate – Let’s Sit Down and Talk About It

I have seen the best of families become bitter over the tug and pull of personal things and money that someone has left behind.    During trying times, even the best of the best can react to a situation emotionally, without second thoughts about the impact to other family members.    Usually, planning and communicating up [...]

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Online Presence: What happens to it after death?

As I was talking "wall-to-wall" about suvivorship planning on my Facebook page, it occurred to me that people don't really think about their identities in the social networks or email accounts that will live on forever past their death if not managed  by their survivors.    Thus, the subject of this article came to mind - [...]

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Caregivers – Caring or Conning?

I had the most interesting (and alarming) conversation with a friend of mine the other night at at grand re-opening party for a mutual friend's store.     As conversations evolve, valuable knowledge was exchanged.      That night was no exception.   It all started out by my overhearing our mutual friend mention something about her being on the [...]

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So You Think Others are Careful With Your Information?

In my business, I work with personal information. I work very hard to ensure that the information entrusted to me stays as secure as possible. (It's  top priority.) As part of survivorship planning, you may work with banks and financial institutions to change beneficiaries and ownership for some of your accounts. This may require that they [...]

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