Burial Plots – buy, sell or keep?

Sometimes people purchase burial plots as a couple or as a family years before they are ever needed.      They do this for various reasons - to give their family one less  decision that has to be made, to rest easier in eternity by having their loved ones next to them or just to get a [...]

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Speaking of funerals, is cheaper better?

I encourage all my clients and audience members in my seminars to shop their funerals so they get a good idea of what it would cost if they pass away.    My mom, who is as smart as she is frugal, already planned which funeral home in their hometown they were going to use.    The decision [...]

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Burials Are Going Green

You hear a lot about fuel, farming, construction and products going green.   Did you know that burials are even going green?    The movement is growing!   What does it mean?    Well, it essentially means burials without any embalming chemicals, non-decomposing caskets or steel vaults.   Decomposition takes place naturally and for a lot less money to boot! [...]

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