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Picasso in a garage sale?

Today I just heard the story about a woman who bought a painting in a garage sale - a painting that could turn out to be an original Picasso. This $2 purchase could be worth a couple million dollars on the art market.   What a find if it proves to be true! As I [...]

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Honor Mom By Keeping Her Things?

THE SITUATION - I had lunch with a good friend of mine the other day.     Over our long lunch we talked about the recent death of her Mom.   Because she had started off with a diagnosis of Alzheimers, last year, we had already discussed "the planning" and "what to do" prior to her passing.    My [...]

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Let’s Talk About Your Stuff

When working with clients I find myself climbing up on my soap box quite frequently.   On almost any given day, you can hear me talk to clients about their "stuff."      Take a look around your home and/or office.    Someone will have to deal with all your "stuff" if something happens to you.  It includes [...]

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