What is “Now and Then” Planning?

“Now and Then” Planning is a proven, step-by-step process for documenting the critical details and decisions about your life.  You document things like:

  • Who needs to know right away – before it’s shared on Facebook
  • What financial accounts and insurance you have – and how to access them
  • What legal documents you have- and where they are!
  • What bills you pay – and how
  • What online accounts you have -Paypal, email, digital photos…
  • What to do with your stuff – sentimental treasures and valuables
  • And so much more…

Your “Now and Then” Plan fills the gap between your Financial Plan, Estate Plan and even your Funeral Plan.

Why do you call it “Now and Then” Planning?

It’s valuable for you NOW because you have access to your critical information at any time and from anywhere. It’s especially helpful when recovering from an unexpected event like fire, flood or storm. It’s invaluable for your loved ones, THEN, should an unexpected event occur (like illness, injury or even death), because it tells them exactly what to do and what you want.

Is it the same as estate planning?

No, your estate plan is a vital  piece of your “Now and Then” Plan, but it’s only a partEstate planning is the process of defining and arranging for the disposal of a persons possessions and assets.

Is “Now and Then” Planning the same as financial planning?

No. A financial plan is a plan for working your finances and budget to achieve financial goals.   Elements of your financial information are part of your “Now and Then” plan.   In fact, our clients have let us know that having a bigger picture put together helps them manage their finances better.

In the Assets+ section of your “Now and Then” Plan, you record the vital information of your financial life – your accounts, debts, insurance and  even your personal assets.   We also share the pitfalls we’ve discovered over years of doing this, so you know what to look out for. We’ve got a record for catching some details that could have cost our clients thousands of dollars and tons of heartache.   

What makes Survivorship Now different from the materials currently available on the market?

The primary things that make Survivorship Now’s planning different are:

  1. Experience
    We’ve been creating plans and assisting executors for over 10 years and we have learned from every case we have worked on.   We incorporate these lessons into our process.  We specialize in understanding what can cost stress, time and money, (for you and your family), and we share this expertise with you by offering assistance.
  2. Assistance  We Provide Our Clients – (Materials like a workbook are simply not enough!)There are CDs, software, reference books and basic handouts from financial advisors and insurance companies.    While these are great starts to getting your information together, they fall short in educating people.   We’ve found that it’s one thing to LIST your information in software or a book, but quite another to UNDERSTAND:
    • What you need to document
    • Why it’s so important
    • The pitfalls to look out for
  3. Proven Process
    This process has been used and evolved over the last 10+ years.    We’ve designed the planning process to guide you, step-by-step, through creating your plan.  Plus we made it flexible enough to customize it to  your unique situation.   Some of our clients have said they’ve bought other types of software to do record their important information but they never completed it because:

1)  The forms that were given to them didn’t apply to their situation very well.
2)  It was too hard to understand and maintain.

Our planning process solves this problem.

How Secure is my Information?

We take privacy and security VERY seriously and have incorporated a 4-point approach to keeping you comfortable using our system.

Security 1 – You control what information you put in the system. Our approach to planning is to make this tool do what you want it to do.    We show you options for creating your plan and you decide the options that are right for you.

Security 2 – The system prevents you from entering in full account numbers.     You can only input four digits of your account and those are so that you can identify your accounts.

Security 3 – We have full encryption that is the same type of encryption that most banks use.

Security 4 – Your data is for your eyes only.   Always scrutinize any free services and understand their business model.    Some information services that deal with a lot of customer data will mine and sell your information.   We charge a minimal fee for your membership because that is our model.      We don’t mine and sell your data and we  never will.

I’m married. Do I need to buy one plan or two?

You only need one planning account. One of you will be the primary account holder and the other will be set up as a “partner/spouse.”     Certain sections are split to accommodate a couple.

I want my parents to do a plan.   How does that work? 

Yes, we work with aging parents quite often.    You have a couple of options.    They can purchase a membership online for themselves and work their own plan.    You can help them put it together (a wise choice).   Or, you can have our consultant work one-on-one with them to create their plan.     Once parents can see what the process entails and why they are doing the planning, then the implementation runs smoother for them.   Many times a third party can approach this sensitive subject much more effectively.  But remember, if your parents need a plan, then so do you!

Do you work with attorneys to create plans?

Estate attorneys love what we do!   We frequently work hand-in-hand with estate attorneys.   Also, many of our clients have worked through the financial information and have taken that to their attorney to help them with the estate plan.     Just the task of defining the assets, insurance and debts can be a challenge.    Attorneys have told us that this is super difficult to get a detailed picture of their client situations.    We have also assist executors and families after a death to settle the estate.   It can get quite complicated on the client side very quickly when it comes to the paperwork involved.

How do I keep my plan updated?

A lot of our clients pick out a specific time of year to update their plan.    January is a great time to review your information before you do your taxes.    Also, if you have any big life changes like a birth, a death, a marriage or a divorce, you want to update your plan accordingly.   (Also you will need to revisit and update your estate plan!)

Things in the world of planning change and evolve almost weekly.     When we learn something valuable, we like to share it with our community.     To help keep up on the planning issues, feel free to join our community.  We bring up issues and solutions as they are discovered.      We periodically offer  workshops, round-tables and webinars to inform you of the issues so you can make adjustments in your plan accordingly.   To join our community, simply go back to the home page and fill in your name and email.     It’s that easy.

What can you do for a person who wants to do the plan on their own, but needs some instruction and educational backup to get it done?

You have a couple of options if you want to do your plan yourself:

1.Do It Yourself (DIY) Planning – You’ll use our Online Planning Tool (OPT) and video tutorials to create your plan.

2. Step-by-Step, 6-Week Course – When you buy the Do It Yourself Planning Package, you are automatically enrolled in a 6-week Webinar Course, where you’ll get more structure and guidance as you create your plan. Each week, you will get an email with a link to a webinar that focuses on one part of your “Now and Then” Plan.

Where will my data be stored if I use the online tool?  

Your plan will be securely stored on a server in the cloud.     You will be able to access it with your own Username and Password.

Is my information secure?

All data is stored with full encryption based on your unique credentials – username and password.  Your access credentials are encrypted with a key that even we don’t know.  Only your username and password will generate a match.

What if I need financial or legal advice?

We don’t give you financial or legal advice, we leave that to the professionals.    However, we are another set of eyes that can help you identify key questions to ask your professional advisors and highlight areas where costly mistakes are common.

What happens to my account if I don’t renew after a year?

After a year, you’ll have the option to renew. Benefits of renewing are that you’d be able to easily update your plan and you’ll have access to your information at any time and from anywhere.  If you don’t want to renew, we will close your account and your information will be permanently deleted. But don’t worry, we’ll give you time to download or print your information from your account first!

What is Executor Assistance?

When executors are overwhelmed or confused by their role as executor to an estate, we are there to help guide them through their obligation. Our Executor Assitance service is a one-to-one consulting service. We can be as involved as much as our client needs us to be.

Where is Survivorship Now based?

Survivorship Now has been in Austin, TX since 2006.

Can you work with a group?

Yes, we can arrange live workshops, online webinars and special discounts for groups.      Employers, financial advisors, banks, insurance companies have a great opportunity to contribute to their groups with this benefit!     Please contact us for more information.

Also note:   Survivorship Now is also part of the Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) program in Texas!   That means we can contribute to your goal of doing business with minority and women owned businesses.