You hear a lot about fuel, farming, construction and products going green.   Did you know that burials are even going green?    The movement is growing!   What does it mean?    Well, it essentially means burials without any embalming chemicals, non-decomposing caskets or steel vaults.   Decomposition takes place naturally and for a lot less money to boot!

The subject of embalming has come up several times in my planning sessions.    Essentially, people curdle at the thought of some chemicals being pumped into their bodies after they are gone.    However, they never think to let their family know their preferences ahead of time.   It’s important because someone WILL have to make that decision.

I was on a radio talk show in the Spring and the question came up if there are any cemeteries in Texas that allow you to have a green burial.     The first and only one I have been able to locate is in Huntsville, TX.    It’s called the Ethician Family Cemetery.    I just thought you might want to know!