“Man’s Mistake Costs His Children $400,000” – Click here to view news report (3 minutes)


“Planning 101″Learn about the new information gap wreaking havoc on families.

It’s only natural for couples to divide knowledge and responsibilities when running a household but the consequences of not sharing the nitty-gritty details can be devastating if one of you can’t provide answers. If you’re single, it’s even more likely that there is a lot about your life and household that no one knows besides you. Imagine if someone had to come in and figure things out. In this free webinar, we show you how easy it is to make things easy for yourself and your family.

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“Demystifying the Estate Planning Process”

“If you die without a will because you didn’t want to spend the money you need to know that  the probate process  can cost a lot more than if you had done your estate planning.”

We put estate attorney, Margaret Meniccuci, on the hotseat and busted some myths surrounding estate planning.    She not only showed us the realities of estate planning, but emphasized how to be a good, educated consumer when you go to find your resources. It was truly eye-opening.

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“Information Silos Wreak Havoc on Families” – Click here to watch video about what information silos are and why they are such a problem. (4 minutes)

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