If you want us to take the guess work and time off your hands, then Platinum Planning is for you!
Our heritage is one-on-one planning and we’ve been doing it for over ten years.    We work with clients at their home or office to make it super convenient and easy.

How it works: 

1.We have an initial conversation to understand your needs and get an overview of your situation
2.We outline exactly the type of information we need from you.
3. You answer the questions
4. We create  your plan, using the information you provide
5. If we find “red flags” that need your attention, we work with you, your financial advisor and/or estate attorney to get it addressed.

If you prefer this type of setting, please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more and discuss your needs

I thought I knew all the answers, I just didn’t know the questions. Bill, Austin, TX

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When my husband was diagnosed with a degenerative illness, I started realizing all the things I didn’t know. I thought I had things under control because I always managed our finances. This process really opened my eyes. I am so proud of our plan (book) and I am so relieved that I know exactly what we have, where things are and what to do. Our kids are relieved too because they know we have a plan and they know where it is! Ann, Spicewood, TX

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