What a great question!     Most every client who has gone through the inventory process seem to eventually come around to this question.  In my opinion, it’s a wise thing to leave instructions for items to be distributed to particular family members or friends, especially if you feel strongly about it.      HOWEVER, the caveat to that statement is that it could end up causing you more problems if you take it to extremes.      For example, if you get too detailed, your family will have the equivalent of a puzzle to solve, especially if you had previously sold the item or given it away prior to death.    What about the new items you acquire?    Will you be updating your “special bequests” often enough to reflect your current inventory and wishes?   It could be one more thing that can easily slip through the cracks, so be cautious making your list.       Consult with your attorney when you do your estate plan to make sure that you know what you are getting into.    It’s a great thing that can easily go awry.   Approach with care!