What is a “Now and Then” Plan?

It’s not your estate plan.  It’s not your financial plan.


It’s your practical plan that fills the gaps and ties everything together.  

It  gives you the ability to manage your information, make good decisions, and provide valuable information to your family in the case of an emergency… so they are NOT left with a mess to clean up!  

 You put together all the details your family would need in a crisis situation.   

PLANS Charlie

Once you open a planning account, you can start your plan right away.    

  1. You go through each section of the Online Planning Tool (OPT) and fill in your information.
  2. Once you complete each section, you can save it and print out a copy for your planning notebook.   
  3. The plan is saved in the cloud, so you can access it, edit it and save it as often as you want!    

It’s as easy as ABC   

A – Assistance

 You have full access to our Learning Lab where you can access video tutorials, articles and more.   Our DIY package gives you access to our 6 week Step-by-Step course. You can also visit our FB page and ask questions if you need answers quickly.

B – Book

When you open your account, we send you a pre-formatted notebook (your “Now and Then” Book) where you can store a printed copy of your plan and key documents.

C – Cloud

You create your plan using our secure, Online Planning Tool where you’ll enter your details and decisions in the 5 essential P.L.A.N.S. sections. It’s super easy to use and your information is stored in the cloud.