If you were asked to  sell your car today, do you know exactly where your title is?    Can you quickly locate your insurance policies?   Can you find the keys to your safe deposit box?   It’s these types of questions that can plague you if you don’t have a central place to manage and find all your important information.    

That’s why a plan is important.   Our lives have many moving parts!    

  • You’ll know exactly where your most important information is so no more scrambling around looking for documents
  • You’ll be able to access your information from anywhere, at any time
  • You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you understand your own “big picture” and you’ve got everything covered (or you’ll discover what gaps you have and take care of them before they cause trouble!)
  • You’ll save time and money with financial and estate planners because you’ve got everything together
  • Your spouse or partner will be on the same page and can help manage household information
  • You’ll feel prepared and empowered!


While creating our plan we realized we had purchased extra life insurance policies that we did not need. It wasn’t discovered until we were working on the financial section of our plan and then it was glaringly apparent. Not sure how that happened… but WOW… are we ever glad we found that out now!

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