Why should you create a “Now and Then” Plan?

We each have hundreds of details, logistics and decisions that are unique to our lives. Think about yours…

-Bank accounts, safety deposit box and insurance policies
-Online accounts and how to access them (think email, social media, digital photos, etc.)
-What bills you pay and how
-Legal documents like a will
-What you want to have happen at your funeral

Imagine if someone had to come in and piece together your life.   Picture your family having to dig through your filing cabinet, or boxes of papers, your email, your mail or having no idea where to start.

Creating a plan helps you organize and manage your information NOW and helps your family if something unexpected should happen like illness, injury or even death.

Information Silos Wreak Havoc on Families – short video

In this short video, Survivorship Now CEO, Kristi Curry explains how everyone has knowledge silos and the impact this has on couples and singles. To watch the full webinar mentioned at the end of this short video, click here.

It’s a gift of time and effort that makes a true difference!