THENCharlie-exclaim is the code word for crisis: an unexpected event like a tornado, house fire or flood, serious injury, illness, or even death.  

Q. “What are the emotions your family will feel if you suddenly died today?”

A.   Grief and sorrow
B.   Panic and confusion about what to do next and what will happen to them
C.   Confident and decisive because they have a road map that tells them what to do
D.  A&B
E.  A&C

You didn’t read all the options.
You are aware of the trauma people experience when you lose a loved one.
If you pass away with a plan in place, you take the worry of decision making, finances and logistics off your family’s plate.
They will experience grief, of course!   That is natural.    However, the moment you pass without a plan is the moment you are adding conflict, confusion and chaos to your loved ones.
Uncertainty and anxiety ride right next to the grief:

  • How do they reach the very important people in your life when they don’t know who they are or how to contact them?
  • What are the monthly bills, where are they and how do they get paid?
  • Does your family know that there is life insurance to take care of future needs or will they  worry about how to pay for it?
  • Your Will says you want to be buried next to your ex-husband, Dan.   Do you really want to be buried next to him when things didn’t end so well?
  • What is supposed to happen to that vintage car in the middle of restoration?
  • What are the passwords to get all the online accounts?

The list of questions can be endless and when you ware the only one with the answers and you’re gone, the crisis can be filled with chaos, frustration and even anger (Yikes!)

Yes, they will experience grief. However, if you’ve left your loved ones with clear details and decisions, they will feel more in control and can come together to celebrate your life and support each other, rather than spiraling into conflict, chaos and confusion. They will be hugely grateful to you for the plan you leave them.   You can’t ease the grief, but you can make the transition easier.  What a gift!

A family with a plan in place can:

  • Immediately contact all the people who need to know about the situation
  • Plan your funeral and avoid bickering between opposing opinions of family members
  • Understand any critical actions that need to be taken quickly and what to do about it
  • Work efficiently on settling your estate because they will have all the details at their finger tips
  • Rest assured, knowing you gave careful consideration to these decisions and eliminated as much of the guesswork as possible.[/toggle_item]

I was beyond impressed when Mom and Dad showed me the plan they put together. I was greatly relieved that they gave us such clear instructions AND updated their 30 year old wills. Phew!.

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